Chris Brann – Silence (2011)

ive been doing nothing but listening to this since i woke up this morning. check out Chris’ updated bio from his newly-redone website below for info on the new album.

Throughout a widespread assortment of productions for Wamdue Project, P’taah, and Ananda Project (which have appeared on over 800 compilations combined), twenty albums, and over one hundred singles, as well as remixes for artists such as Seal,and KD Lang, Chris Brann has shown a dynamic range with interests that span far beyond any singular soundscape or musical culture.

Brann emerged from Atlanta’s burgeoning underground music scene in the 1990’s after being discovered by Bernard Rhodes, former manager of The Clash and cohort of Malcom McLaren. He left high school early to assist Rhodes in the production of bands under his management company in the UK.

A self-taught musician, his first productions were brought to the attention of legendary dance music label, Strictly Rhythm who signed him to an unprecedented multi-album recording deal under the name Wamdue Project. “King Of My Castle” from Wamdue Project‘s second album produced for Strictly Rhythm, went on to sell over 2,5 MIO units and became the label’s highest selling single in its history. It debuted in the #1 position of the UK charts and outsold the expected top seller of the week, Cliff Richard.

After riding the buzz of international success of Wamdue Project, Brann then went on to piece together two distinctively different projects, Ananda Project and P’taah. Whereas P’taah became an outlet for his fusion jazz, abstract hip hop, and experimental leanings, Ananda Project proved to be a favourite amongst deep house purists and global lounge/chill out DJ’s. Signature songs of Ananda Project such as “Cascades Of Colour” and “Kiss Kiss Kiss” have appeared in advertising for such brands as Toyota (Japan) and Johnny Walker.

In addition to a steady output of original releases, Brann has also been at the controls of remixes for artists such as Bebel Gilberto, Esthero, Boney James, Everything But The Girl, Seal, Tweeker feat. David Sylvian, R. Kelly, Amel Larrieux, Susanna Baca and Thomas Newman‘s theme for HBO’s series Six Feet Under.

Currently for 2011, Brann is preparing to release his first solo album in almost 10 years. Recorded within the span of a single month in a Brooklyn highrise, Brann played all of the instruments as well as writing, producing and singing the songs. Initially devised as a personal soundtrack for walking through the streets at night, it evolved into a cathartic exercise, documenting a process of change and growth, both personally and musically.

This project is a return to form for Brann as he channels many of the musical influences of his youth. From David Sylvian, Ryuichi Sakamoto, the early 80’s work of seminal artist Bill Nelson to Leonard Cohen and Kate Bush. Chris describes this work as “the album I would have made when I was 16…if I had had the technology and musical proficiency. It took me my entire musical career to end up at the point where I had started many years ago.”

Continuing his legacy of working on many different projects at once, Brann is also releasing a new album by P’taah in Japan 1st quarter of 2011, as well as new material by Ananda Project and Wamdue Project.

u can listen to the entire thing on his website or the official Facebook page.


01. phantom limb
02. silence
03. unspoken
04. unstuck
05. walking on air
06. underneath the sky
07. telenormal
08. perfectly broken
09. through the night
10. hold on
11. fire
12. between them
13. perfectly broken (dub)

the album’s got some pretty rad accompanying official videos too >>> i’ve posted a few below.

i tink i am in love with this record already. no word yet on a release date or where to buy it, but i assume it’ll be through all the usual channels. i’ll update this post when i find out.


Pretty Raheem – Can He Move It Like This? (feat. Flynt Flossy)

BY SLICK MAHONY, THEY’VE DONE IT AGAIN. this song has been out for a minute, but finally Turquoise Jeep‘s own Pretty Raheem gets to shine in full multi-coloured suit music vid glory, bustin out them Guy/Aaron Hall dance moves (with a lil Kid N’ Play foot-smackin for good measure), complete with a requisite verse from founding father Flynt Flossy. ride that jeep all the way to T. Jeep Street and give it the fuck up for PRETTY.RA.HEEM.


DJ Quik – Nobody (feat. Suga Free) (Music Video)

Tha Quikster & Suga Free set aside their differences and re-united on Quik‘s latest studio album, “The Book Of David”, and the Internet rejoiced! these two fuckin around has produced some of the coolest, fonkiest, most effortless hip hop you could imagine. add a blunt n some beer & they could make one awesome album together. i don’t need to mention the song is vintage Quik, with vintage ‘Free raps & humour, making ME feel like i’m back in ’98 when “Rhythm-Al-Ism” was the only hip hop i was listening to. for the sake of music lovers everywhere, i sincerely hope they NEVER.FIGHT.AGAIN. y’all BELONG together (sif the shared love of beautifully-kept hair wasn’t sign enough).


Foo Fighters – Walk (Official Music Video)

the Foo Fighters continue to roll on with the epicness that has been the Wasting Light album, releasing a brand shpankin new music vid for their latest single, “Walk”. the concept of the video is based entirely on the film Falling Down featuring Michael Douglas as the disillusioned anti-hero D-FENS (William Foster, employed as a defense engineer, thus the nickname).

i’ve included some of the more iconic moments from the film that were also used in the Foo vid for ur reference. enjoyyyyyyyuh.


Vahé – The Melancholy Metro (2004)

following on with the Gil Scott-Heron vibe, i previously used “Song For Bobby Smith (Alternate Take)” in a 2004 compilation called “The Melancholy Metro”, a very downer and demure mix i made whilst in the throes of massive heartache. i present the mix for y’all today in memory of the man and his passing. and also in memory of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, a film which served as the impetus and continuing inspiration for making this mix in the first place (a couple of Jon Brion‘s songs from the soundtrack/score appear in the mix). stream/download it as one single file via the newly minted Confessions Of A Curly Mind SoundCloud page.


01. jon brion – down the drain
02. gary jules – mad world
03. sandboy – pomegranate (feat. nanar vorperian)
04. antonio carlos jobim – once i loved (feat. shirly horn)
05. beady belle – april fool
06. miles davis – take it or leave it
07. beck – everybody’s gotta learn sometime
08. red hot chili peppers – porcelain
09. tricky – hell is around the corner
10. portishead – only you
11. cinematic orchestra – burnout
12. gil scott-heron & brian jackson – song for bobby smith (alternate take)
13. jeff buckley – the other woman
14. massive attack – sly
15. sleepy’s theme – 4:30am