DJ Quik – Luv Of My Life (feat. Gift Reynolds) (Official Music Video) + Quik’s Groove 9

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the video for Quik’s first single from his newly-released 8th studio album The Book Of David is now here in all its pimpin’ glory. i recently gave the album a listen and it’s dope as expected.

and in keeping with tradition, we are blessed with yet another worthy addition to the Quik’s Groove legacy of instrumental jams helmed by Quik on the boards and brought to life by session musos (not sure if Rob Bacon was present this time around). it appears as the final bonus track on the album.


Whatchyamacallit – Licky Sticky (feat. Flynt Flossy)

and the hits just keep on comin! by now y’all know i champion the unstoppable force known as the Turquoise Jeep Records collective. and with the release of their debut album late last year, we are being rewarded with even more gloriously low-budget (but perfect-fitting) music vids. this time it’s Whatchyamacallit‘s turn to take the spotlight with a searing love ballad that takes the same principles of combining smashing and banging, but turns it up (and on) a notch by mixing “licky” with “sticky”. and i will leave it there to let your dirty dirty minds fill in the blanks (i think there’s an unintended sexual metaphor in there somewhere). and once again, it is of course a Tummiscratch beat (who makes a brief cameo near the end of the vid that borders on being god-like), and features Flynt Flossy with one of his most memorable verses yet. KTJR!


Rocksmith Tokyo – House Party Mixtape (2007)

a little while back i downloaded this free mix by Rocksmith Tokyo, a collection of jammin early & mid-90s hip hop and r&b bangers. lately it’s been getting a LOT of burn and actually reignited my interest in all things early 90s hip hop. it was originally compiled and released in 2007 on Rocksmith‘s blog, but here it is again in case you: a. missed it the first time around, or b. don’t have a clue who or what a Rocksmith Tokyo is, but love 90s music 🙂


01. digital underground – the humpty dance
02. epmd – so what cha sayin’
03. heavy d & the boys – peaceful journey
04. slick rick – children’s story
05. mc serch – back to the grill
06. de la soul – buddy & ghetto thang
07. main source – looking at the front door
08. jungle brothers – j. beez coming through
09. black sheep – the choice is yours
10. kriss kross – jump
11. cypress hill – how i could just kill a man
12. redman – time 4 some aksion
13. double x posse – not gonna be able to do it
14. pete rock & c.l. smooth – they reminisce over you (t.r.o.y.)
15. biz markie – this is something for the radio
16. erik b. & rakim – i know you got soul
17. the 45 king – the 900 number
18. chill rob g – the power
19. tammy lucas – is it good to you (prod. teddy riley)
20. lisa lisa & cult jam – let the beat hit ’em
21. 3rd bass – brooklyn queens
22. kid ‘n play – ain’t gonna hurt nobody
23. monie love – it’s a shame (my sister) (cool as…mix)
24. mary j. blige – real love
25. nice & smooth – funky for you
26. kings of swing – you know i love ya baby
27. naughty by nature – o.p.p.
28. l.l. cool j – around the way girl
29. brand nubian – punks jump up and get beat down
30. grand puba – 360 (what goes around)



Mista Vee presents…The Top 5 Tracks From My YouTube Stash #002

i know what you’re thinking: it’s annoying as fuck when you Google some music hoping for an mp3 link but instead you find YouTube vids, or even worse: a text-only list of albums the blogger owns (ugh). so i feel your pain. however, the word YouTube is in the title, so quit bitching. the media content itself isn’t in mp3 form, but i do provide thorough commentary for each track, & the selections are from my personal collection so you know it’s gonna be dope shit either way (well i know this anywhos).

Soulstice – Lovely (Gabriel René Mix)

the masterful Gabriel René, a man who has gone down as legendary for those who know even a skoche of his impressive catalog, completely sexes up this Soulstice classic. if his music has still somehow passed you by, me & a hoard of others emphatically recommend you track down his lone solo album (as Aquanote), called The Pearl. what you hear in this remix are the foundations for the Aquanote sound, so if u dig this, u will most definitely dig the rest.

Kennedy – Belize

for years this ethereal cosmic drum n’ bass gem languished on my PC in the form of a crappily-encoded mp3, but even despite the low quality of the recording it was clear this track KICKED.ASS. so recently i tracked down the album it was first released on and upped it in superior CD quality. haven’t heard much quite like it since. it’s very…evocative. in an ‘if emotions could be transmitted as sound waves’ sorta way.

D’Angelo – Spanish Joint (95 North Mix)

a bootleg remix by 95 North, there’s not a huge amount of differences cept it’s slightly sped up with some extra drums and there’s a few wicked pan flute solos here n there. not the greatest mix, sound-quality wise, but still highly enjoyable n worth gettin geeked over if ur a D fan/completest.

R. Kelly – The Big C, Such A Man Is He & Fight Scene

back in 1995/96, R. Kelly continued ruling supreme as a giant in mainstream music whilst still remaining cool. well here’s a little gem i’m not sure a lot of Kells fans even know exist. the only reason i know about it is cos my brother was such a big fan, he specially ordered the Down Low Movie vinyl & VHS tape from the States. the project itself was an expansion of the original Down Low (Nobody Has To Know) song (featuring Ron Isley as Mr. Biggs) from my personal favourite Kells album, his 3rd self-titled joint from ’95. in Down Low – The Movie, the full story is told in long-form music video/short film format, with Ron Isley as Mr. Biggs and Kells as his no. 2. of course, as per the storyline of the song, Kells & Biggs’ lady mess around and then get fucked up as a result (“don’t…FUCK with me”, is something he warns Kells’ character). along with the film, the story is also told in an audio-only format on the vinyl, a track that goes for around 20mins and is narrated by Kells. also included on the vinyl was the track i have posted before you right now, a trio of storytelling points punctuated by music. however, the highlight for me is (and always has been) R. Kelly getting his Camille on with Such A Man Is He. it’s awesome yet sad at the same time, cos we rarely see Kells so comfy to switch genders in song (and in terms of creative left-fieldness, the Trapped In The Closet saga is as close as he’s gotten, but that was mostly laughable than a genuine triumph). add to that The Big C., which depicts Kells as a crime lord in Chicago singing about “how to get the coppas off our backs” lol, and you got a pretty diverse yet entertaining Kells audio soup.

Kutiman – Bango Fields

them funky Israelis are at it again. y’all need to get up on Ophir Kutiman Kutiel, like, yesterday.


10 Coolest Things I Found On YouTube: 15/02/2011 – 09/04/2011

"HHEEELLOOOO! it'ssss MOIIIEE! Mulligrubs!!! theeesse days i work as a...*giggles* CAAAARTOOON PROSSSTITUTE!"

hwwwell well WELL. it feels like it’s been forever since i BLAUGED on the BLAUG (i will never get tired of this made-up alternate word for “blog” that i..made up), and so i thought to curb all the music-centric posts (let’s face it, that’s probably my LEADING addiction, however this BLAUG is meant to cover all areas of media and the arts) here is yet another edition of the 10 Coolest Things I Found On YouTube (can be shortened to “10 Coolest Things…” yknow like they did with “8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter”?).

Harout Pamboukjian – Spaghetti & Meatballs (On Adult Swim)

warning: Armenians, your heads may explode from the sheer randomosity of this clip. my childhood favourite Armo singer and local L.A. celeb Harout “The Beard” Pamboukjian taps into what seems to be one kooky sense of humour, as he serenades us with a beautimus ode to spaghetti & meatballs. i showed it to my folks, also big fans, and it just bewildered them at the most. i, however, replayed it no less than 10 times to achieve nirvana (also: it really made me wanna eat spaghetti & meatballs).


OOKKAAAYY. how to describe this wonderful nugget of Aussie kid’s programming known simply as Mulligrubs. what we have here is a show that works on the basis of random structure. as you can see in the clip, we get a mixture of the so-nice-they-could-be-unhinged presenters singing songs about anything they could think of (once they came down from the acid trip, of course). the lady sings a song about going for walkies in the bush and seeing animals, at which point the image turns into an almost voyeuristic scene of young Aussie kids interacting with the local animalia (emus, a pretty common sight in the early 90s, my parents used to take us to parks to feed kangaroos n shit as kids, but nowadays it’s a safety hazard cos, i assume, no one wants to get sued). we also get a bearded man interpreting the sounds of nature on his…”auto-harp”? …what the fuck is an auto-harp? and to round things up, how can one get past that iconic multi-coloured stoned-off-her-tits FACE that will haunt u well into ur teens & 20s.


witness the delicious marriage of fake Cosby from The Simpsons and the original Pokemon game music.

Michael Ian Black: Taco Party

coming off his recent bid to be Taco Bell‘s official spokesman, i delved into YouTube to find some more MiB & taco love connections and i was able to procure this, a reading from Mike’s book My Custom Van. the portion he reads here is called…Taco Party.

Archer: Terms Of En-Rampage-Ment

while the rest of the world slowly catches up, me & a cadre of others have been enjoying probably the smartest, funniest, edgiest scripted program currently on TV (forget that it’s animated, it still shits all over most live-action productions at the moment). currently in the tail-end of its second season, Archer has only improved with time, moreso by delving into the lives of all the supporting characters. but in a recent episode the title character Sterling Archer, after having been diagnosed with breast cancer, realises he’s been taking placebo medicine & goes on, what he calls, a rampage. he calls it many different things before settling on Terms Of Enrampagement. this is the penultimate scene in the episode where he confronts the man behind all the fake cancer drugs. if this ending looked AT ALL familiar to you…it’s because it was ripped straight from an episode of Magnum, P.I. in a glorious semi-obscure homage. i’ve saved y’all the trouble and linked the scene in question below.

Magnum P.I.: Did You See The Sunrise This Morning?

best believes, a LOT of ppl were driven to this clip cos of Archer. ain’t nothin but a WIN/WIN.

Got Cankles? – The Circulation Booster Ad

my faith in late night Aussie infomercials has been restored! i’ve always felt that opting to be openly lame without acknowledging the lameness is a bad way to go for an infomercial. instead it’s best to accept and own WHAT you are (a soulless image covering the intent to fleece the public of dollars), and go ahead and accentuate the lameness. make it fun to watch, shit, it might even be the CAUSE of ppl buying the product. case in point: The Circulation Booster. a handy dandy device intended to boost the circulation in whatever appendages you think need boosting (penis booster still not available as of this post). there have been a few different variations of the ad floating around, the most well known one involving a woman talking about her “dear old mother“, but i find myself enjoying the cankles-related ones a LOT more lol.

Black Hammer & White Lightning

i very recently plowed through a buncha late 80s/early 90s classics, including Major League 1 & 2. after winning at the end of the first film Cinderella-style, we get presented with a thoroughly corrupted team of players who start concentrating more on their careers instead of playing baseball in ML2. this manifests in many ways, one of em being the film Omar Epps (as Willie Mays Hays, replacing Wesley Snipes) does with Jesse Ventura (in an awesome cameo performance) called Black Hammer & White Lightning (one would assume, lampooning the cross-over ambitions of non-actors transitioning into action movie roles).


if only the volume on this clip was cranked the fuck up, but no big deal, just twiddle the volume knob to a high level and enjoy 3 seconds of pure Walken awesomesauce (Walken, as Max Shreck, delivers this line to Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne from the dark & hella-entertaining Batman Returns).


another day, another meme. this time someone’s used a small clip of a screaming fish from an episode of Spongebob Squarepants. click here to see all the variations.


DJ Quik + LA Leakers – “The Audio Biography Of David” Mixtape

DJ Quik is back droppin heat with the LA Leakers, a mixtape offering to tide us over until The Book Of David drops later this month (April 20th). it contains a best-of mix + 3 exclusive tracks from the forthcoming album, featuring the latest single: Real Women (feat. Jon B.), a laid back jam with a more modern soundin beat (not exactly “signature Quik”, but…different). gotta say, the last 30 seconds or so is SUCH a Diary Of A Mad Band maneuver (aka the specific synth sound & solo, DeVanté nuts will know what i’m talkin bout).