R.I.P. Nathaniel “Nate Dogg” Hale (August 19, 1969 – March 15, 2011)

(photo by Estevan Oriol for Rime Magazine)

not sure if there’s anyone out there who hasn’t sung along to a Nate Dogg line at some point in their lives. the man made a name for himself worldwide for singing some pretty famous hooks. while i wasn’t THE biggest fan, i admired his work & the haters were always few. more than anything i wish he’d done some more work with DJ Quik, they go good together. so instead of posting his most well-known hits, leme chuck up a few YouTube clips of Nate + Quik collabos. peace (and none of that “may you regulate in heaven” shit, christ is that a lame way to honour someone).

here’s a standout track with 213 (Nate, Warren G & Snoop Dogg).

and a bangin music vid to the heatrock track Crazy from Snoop’s Tha Blue Carpet Treatment album.


“Flow With The Floss”: Flynt Flossy’s Quick Dance Tutorial

Flynt Flossy: Dancing Machine

seems the Turquoise Jeep famalam have found another cool avenue to explore and expand The Jeep‘s ever-growing global fanbase. and i been saying on this here blog for a little while now, that the dancing abilities of the Jeep crew are slick as hell and part of the appeal. this aspect was taken to all-new highs by F. Dot Floss (yknow, the one who likes ladies & relations?) with the single/video Did I Mention I Like To Dance, where Flynt showed not only a propensity for comin up with catchy dance moves, but also amazing dexterity & natural talent. to that end, The Jeep are currently working on a full-length dance tutorial video which breaks down all the dances they’ve done in their vids so far. here’s a 3min mini tutorial from the man, the artist & co-founder of Turquoise Jeep Records: Flynt Flossy (baby).