Vahé Presents…The Leisure Suite mixes #001-010 (2006-2008)

updated the BLAUG with the addition of yet another audio archive, that of my 10-part mix series Vahé Presents…The Leisure Suite. beginning in 2006 and ending in 2008, this was my first serious attempt at sustaining an entire series of quality tunes, and i guess was generally the golden opportunity i gave myself to hone whatever burgeoning mixing and selection skills i had. going back through them again the last few days, the mixes still hold up pretty well. and i know there used to be a little following back in the day for em, so here they are. all 10 mixes archived and ready for listenin 🙂 click here to start perusing and/or downloading.


Loud Noises (Podcast) – Ep1 & 2

Loud Noises @ SoundCloud

enjoy good unheard of noise, rock & surf pop? (and one assumes more varities of music to come). then peep my mate’s (Justin Steinmetz) new collective podcast, Loud Noises. it’s musical commentary mixed with good muzak, so check out the first two eps in what is sure to be an entertaining & informative series. stream/download ep 2 directly from SoundCloud below, download ep1 from the archives here. PEACE.


Michael Ian Black for Taco Bell

if ur both a Michael Ian Black fan AND on twitter, you’d know over the last 24hrs or so Mike has been on a campaign to get Taco Bell to use him as their next spokesperson. proving that having 1.5million followers can be effective as hell, many of his followers tweeted similar msgs to Taco Bell: and a movement was born. now anyone down for the cause is rockin this campaign poster. i woulda posted this last nite but wordpress was crackin the shits, however, i wake up today and i found that there are now also accompanying ads on YouTube to further convince Taco Bell of their grievous error (that being NOT, up to this point, hiring Michael Ian Black). everybody, “getttt onnnn the BUS”, –Killface.

there’s actually a couple of vids. this first one’s made by animator and composer Spencer Nunamaker (aka mooQuu) (also check out his blog for some interesting shit).

vid #2 is a simple Michael Ian Black + Taco Bell = True Luv 4 Ever equation.

if u wanna keep updated, just search for #mibfortacobell on ze twitter. also, approximately 12hrs ago, Taco Bell responded to the outpouring of tweets with this:

let’s make it happen.


Dartmouth Aires cover Slick Mahony’s “Sex Syrup” A Cappella style

i will never ever get tired of the various ways fans are keeping The Jeep ridin (or KTJR!, which is now the established shorthand for Turquoise Jeep fans). these guys do an impressive job. i love how a capella groups all have this unified swag (you never a see personality-less dunce in an a capella group, and even if they WERE a personality-less dunce, u wouldn’t be able to tell while they were performing). ANYways, enjoy and share.


Dumhi – The Whole World’s Watching (2011)

official website | bandcamp | youtube | twitter | vimeo | myspace

man, the pool of talent that i’ve witnessed emerge via hangin around Okayplayer is astounding. it’s even cooler seeing their talents and artistic skills rise and rise.  Dumhi is the core collective of producer Haj & emcees Shameless Plug & Mash Comp. their latest project is The Whole World’s Watching (WWW), and it’s available now for free (for a limited time) @ their bandcamp page. follow the links above to suss out more of their sounds.

here’s a sample track from the album, Fourth Of July (feat. Reef The Lost Cause).

or sift through the entire release via bandcamp (free download is only available for a limited time, otherwise u can purchase it from any of the links above).


Dilla Month: The Roots – Make Em NV

i know i know, it’s gonna be April soon and i’m still posting Dilla Month shit. what can i say, sometimes i make moves like a tortoise, FULL o’ rigor mortis (i dunno why that quote popped into my head, i guess it’s always been stuck in there). regardless, i’m pushing on into the coming month with more Dilla greatness. apart from a mix of his beats n instrumentals, i’m also working on compiling all the various Dilla tributes into one collection (there are more out there then ppl know of). but to tide myself over i’ve upped a Dilla Joint to YouTube, it’s from a bunch of live re-interpreted Dilla beats from last year played by none other than The Roots.

Make Em NV appears on the Ruff Draft EP. OG version below.


Pete Marriott’s “Quickies” #0001 – The Love

official website | soundcloud | youtube | bandcamp

Pete Marriott, dj/musician/sound-designer/composer/producer, has been on the scene and creating music for a minute. here’s a quick primer vid on who he is and what he does (or click on his SoundCloud page to read an in-depth bio).

as a treat to both fans and fellow beat-heads alike, Pete’s releasing a series of vids detailing his music-making process called Quickies. here’s the debut vid and holy shit that looks like mad fun lol. enjoy.

he’s also got a project available for purchase or free download at his bandcamp page, have a listen.


R.I.P. Nathaniel “Nate Dogg” Hale (August 19, 1969 – March 15, 2011)

(photo by Estevan Oriol for Rime Magazine)

not sure if there’s anyone out there who hasn’t sung along to a Nate Dogg line at some point in their lives. the man made a name for himself worldwide for singing some pretty famous hooks. while i wasn’t THE biggest fan, i admired his work & the haters were always few. more than anything i wish he’d done some more work with DJ Quik, they go good together. so instead of posting his most well-known hits, leme chuck up a few YouTube clips of Nate + Quik collabos. peace (and none of that “may you regulate in heaven” shit, christ is that a lame way to honour someone).

here’s a standout track with 213 (Nate, Warren G & Snoop Dogg).

and a bangin music vid to the heatrock track Crazy from Snoop’s Tha Blue Carpet Treatment album.


“Flow With The Floss”: Flynt Flossy’s Quick Dance Tutorial

Flynt Flossy: Dancing Machine

seems the Turquoise Jeep famalam have found another cool avenue to explore and expand The Jeep‘s ever-growing global fanbase. and i been saying on this here blog for a little while now, that the dancing abilities of the Jeep crew are slick as hell and part of the appeal. this aspect was taken to all-new highs by F. Dot Floss (yknow, the one who likes ladies & relations?) with the single/video Did I Mention I Like To Dance, where Flynt showed not only a propensity for comin up with catchy dance moves, but also amazing dexterity & natural talent. to that end, The Jeep are currently working on a full-length dance tutorial video which breaks down all the dances they’ve done in their vids so far. here’s a 3min mini tutorial from the man, the artist & co-founder of Turquoise Jeep Records: Flynt Flossy (baby).


FOO FIGHTERS: music videos for “Rope” & “White Limo” + trailer for the upcoming documentary film: “Back And Forth”

2011 is shaping up to be another YEAR OF THE FOO. this event happens pretty much every and any time the band releases new material, as there’s usually a string of hit singles, awesome album tracks & better-than-you-think-they-are-cos-you’ve-probly-never-heard-them b-sides. and for up to a year after its release, a new Foo Fighters album will rule my world. this year, however, is particularly special as the band have their very own doco film coming out in April entitled Back And Forth. it’s directed by Oscar winner James Moll & covers the Foos entire career, all the way up to including the garage band recording style of their latest album Wasting Light (the band now seems to be officially at 5 ppl with the return of Pat Smear). peep the trailer below.

on top of that, the DIY music vid for the first single Rope was also just released (directed by Dave Grohl).

White Limo is another awesome choon that the boys made a vid to (also DIY style) as an homage to classic 80s hard rock videos (quite effective in its simplicity, this is the kinda video the Foos were built to make). and yes that’s Lemmy from Motörhead as the limo driver.

let the YEAR OF THE FOO commence! 🙂


Mike & Tom Eat Snacks (Michael Ian Black & Tom Cavanagh)

i’d like to introduce y’all to two of my favourite ppl in the world and all of its universes: Michael Ian Black & Tom Cavanagh. for anyone who knows even a skoche of detail about me, knows i go apeshit over Ed, a TV series that ran for 4 seasons (2000-2004) & was helmed by Late Show With David Letterman alums Jon Beckerman & Rob Burnett (not to mention executive produced by Dave himself). other than the Letterman-inspired tone and humour of the show, were the actors and characters themselves. they were so endearing that a decade later they’re still on my mind. however i scarcely bothered seeing what the individuals had done outside of Ed, not out of laziness, just cos i kept re-watching Ed over and over and never had a reason to. so over the last few years i’ve made more of a concentrated effort to delve into the careers of these people instead of just re-hashing the glory of Ed over and over (there’s a giant post about the show forthcoming, so i won’t go into too much detail right now). suffice to say, i’ve learned to keep tabs on those who’ve been more visible online and off. Mike has a comedy troupe called Stella & wrote a childrens book called Chicken Cheeks, Tom has been in a BUNCH of films (most recently playing Ranger Smith in the high-profile Yogi Bear film) & made some notable guest TV appearances, & i guess the most recognisable face from the Ed family has to be the awesome ascension into the broader limelight of Justin Long, whose portrayal of the forever geeky but sweet Warren Cheswick is pretty much a masterclass in comedy.

ANYWAY (i wasn’t meant to ramble), after finally getting on to Twitter i’ve been able to keep up to date with Mike’s latest projects, so it warmed the cockles of my cockular heart to see he was doing a podcast with Tom…and it was gonna be called Mike & Tom Eat Snacks…and all they would do is eat snacks and talk about em (the snacks that they’re eating…got the premise yet?). i’ve only listened to the first 2 eps (there are 7 in total thus far) and it’s as quality as you’d expect from the teaming of these two. here’s a link to ep1, the rest can be streamed/downloaded from the official MATEScast page on Soundcloud, become a fan on Facebook too.


Gaelle – Another Blue World (prod. by Chris Brann)

here’s another beautiful unreleased track from Gaelle‘s forthcoming album (hopefully due out sometime this year). the album and this track are produced entirely by one of my fav producers (and people) ever, Mr. Chris Brann. i’ve heard a few other tracks from their sessions together and they’re all winners, then again i expect nothing less from this combination of music minds.


Pointer Sisters – Automatic (1983) (RARE VIDEO CLIP)

so i was perusing my mammoth 80s funk n r&b collection, and i re-rediscovered this excellent example of synth pop r&b perfection. even more awesome was discovering this apparently rare music video of the sisters performing the song. i have already watched it 15 times in succession and am going for number 16 as we speak. it is, to my mind, the GREATEST MUSIC VIDEO OF ALL-TIME. click and be amazed. i’ve also linked up the mp3 for anyone wanting to rock this classic tune at home or in the car or wherever the fuck you like, cos really, this is bangable anytime anyplace (and yes June looks stoned off her tits, but she’s still a hottie).

Automatic was produced by Richard Perry, written by Brock Walsh & Mark Goldenberg.

(file is in .m4a format)


Guile Theme Goes With Everything + Beat-Off Challenge!

so the other day i was referred to a brand spankin new YouTube meme that’s currently sweeping the Internets by friend & fellow blogger Chris (of Eurasian Sensation), a stroke of genius called: Guile Theme Goes With Everything (click the link to sift thru the 4,700 variants, & growing larger every day). after busting multiple guts laughin my Family Man ass off, i became enamored with the specific version of Guile’s Theme being used in the videos (as the default version). turns out it’s a bit of a rare version used only in Super Street Fighter II. anyways, as i frequent the Okayplayer msg boards quite often, every now n then we’ll have a beat challenge, or “Beat-Off”, as it were. where anyone and everyone participates in using one sample source to make a beat, or a full song, or whatever the imagination inspires. i thought i might as well keep this Guile-related momentum going and use the theme as the sample source for a brand new Beat-Off! 🙂

this is for any and all bedroom/indy/underground producers and beatheads to participate in. the rules are simple: download the mp3 link to Guile’s Theme below, use it as the sample source to make your own composition. no other sample sources are allowed, except for the use of your own kicks, hi hats & snares & any other original elements you can add without sampling another source. once ur entry is ready, email the mp3 to remember to clearly include your artist name + title of your entry.

(Guile’s Theme)

due date for submissions is March 26th. after which voting will take place for the best entrant in The Lesson (OKP). after voting is over i will compile all the entries into one album (title still to be decided) and make it available for download right here on C.O.A.C.M. excited? …NO? WELL WHY DON’T U GO HOME AND BE A FAMILY MAN THEN, PUNK! before i go, here’s a few of my fav Guile Theme Goes With Everything memes (that is until i find funnier ones). enjoy and good luck to the participants!


Mista Vee presents…The Top 5 Tracks From My YouTube Stash #001

if u were unaware (and u probly were/are cos i am not exactly someone significant), but i have my own YouTube channel: Mista Vee’s Haus Of Love & Fun (the name might change). i upload some of my fav little-heard gems on a daily basis and i’ve favourited a whole shitload more quality stuff. so i thought every now n then i would highlight my uploads here for ur enjoyment, 5 at a time (cos i get wordy as fuck).


Abstract Truth – Like Water (Drip-Hop Mix)

Abstract Truth, a modern soul/jazz/house/broken beat project featuring Monique Bingham & helmed by bandleader/founder & producer Dana Vlcek (along with Ravi Best, Vincent Chauncey, Jephté Guillaume, Guy Daniels, & Pete Mark). they released some really hot singles in 1996/97 like Get Another Plan & (We Had) A Thing and then vanished without a trace. the Drip-Hop Mix of Like Water is from the Get Another Plan EP (1996) and is a lot more water-like in its changing structure than the original vocal version. that and i used to listen to this profusely when catching the train to University back in the day. expect more blogging to occur on this short-lived yet awesome group of musos.

Lee Fields – You Don’t Know What You Mean (To A Lover Like Me)

from the vintage-but-not-vintage Daptone Records “vault” (this entire description can’t help but be tongue-in-cheek). Lee Fields performs a scorchin hot funk classic, taken from the Daptone 7 Inch Singles Collection Vol. 2 (2008).

Arkarna – House On Fire (Acoustic Version)

i still think it’s rather unbelievable a group like Arkarna is barely known to the average music listener anymore. although some critics derided them for essentially biting the styles of others (when the very same artists they were accused of biting were co-signing the band and even lending their expertise in the studio), Arkarna is an awesome hybrid band that plays a style of music that can only be described as a genre mishmash, a GUMBO, if u will of aural flavas. on their debut album Fresh Meat (1997), for instance, you’ll hear electro-pop, acoustic power ballads, grunge rock, acid techno, and HINTS of Prince (further expanded upon with Skin from their 2nd album The Family Album (1999), which seems to have mysteriously vanished from YouTube, but is one of the funkiest jams they’ve ever made). they’re still active and are working on releasing their newest album, due out any day now. keep in touch via The Official Arkarna Music YouTube Channel. House On Fire is one of their most well-known songs, this acoustic version appears as a hidden/bonus track at the very end of Fresh Meat (1997).

Lulu Jackson – Careless Love

a true buried melancholy gem that appears on Last Kind Words (1926-1953) (2008), an album full of old OLD super rare gospel & blues 78s compiled and released by Mississippi Records. the low-fi quality of the recording only adds to its appeal for me as a nice acoustic ditty bout the follies of love and lust. plus i could imagine this song being used in Punch-Drunk Love (2002) which may explain my extra amounts of love for it.

Gaelle – Ghost In The Machine

i seem to have developed an M.O. over the years for worshiping a certain kind of female musician, one that conjures up images of Sade and Aaliyah, not so much the appearance but the ethereal semi-mystic quality that they exude. Gaelle Adisson is one such semi-mystic quality exuder. this is one of many unreleased tracks that Gaelle briefly made available a few years ago. i’m told it’s from the 1998 sessions with Chris Brann (who also produced this track). shame it never got a release but i guess now it kinda did? *shrugs*


KING – The Story [EP] (2011)

official website | | itunes

not only has this L.A. trio taken me by surprise, but it seems most of the music world too. all this sudden attention is apparently due to ?uestlove (of The Roots) and Phonte (of Foreign Exchange & Little Brother) co-signing em via tweets. and thus witness, the power of the Internets! yes we can be mean bastards online, but we also throw our collective weight behind undeniably beautiful music when we hear it. case in point: KING.

KING are: Anita J. Bias, Amber Tenae Strother, Paris Nicole Strother

their sound is a hybrid of traditional soul & electro-soul (+ hints of “chillwave” here n there on the production tip). some of the harmonies (while all of them gorgeous) reminds me of Stevie. i feel that as we push on into the future of music, the most productive way forward is by trying to consolidate all eras of music in whatever genres tickle ur fancy, and come up with a rich aural landscape to compliment the words. le example, the title track of the EP: The Story. instead of further trying to dissect the genre make-up of the group, i’ma say the shit’s just damn SOULFUL and K.I.M.

Hey kinda reminds me of a downtempo acoustic number that Tweet coulda made (not to be confused with Twitter, i’m talkin bout Charlene “Tweet” Keys). and here for ur enjoyment, streamed straight from King‘s own Soundcloud page, is my fav track from the 3 song EP: Supernatural. the way it LIFTS halfway through and continues to keep on building is just so beautiful that continuing to describe it will result in my making this moment gheyer than it has to be. just listen and hear for urself 🙂


01. the story (4:10)
02. supernatural (4:33)
03. hey (4:27)

there are links to buy the album up top underneath the EP cover, also hit em up on their Facebook page n show some love. even my non-music-buying ass wants a physical copy of this…lushness. the songs were written by all 3 women and produced by Paris. they’re slowly taking over the Internet at the moment, get on board NOW so you can enjoy the ride.


The Waldorf And Statler Experience – Balcony Music Vol. Three: The Ballad of CJ Memphis

so my good buddies and legit uber-talents DVS & tREBLEFREE have quietly been releasing some of the dopest, most FUN hip hop joints i’ve heard in quite a while under the Balcony Music banner as The Waldorf And Statler Experience (yes it’s the old guy movie critic muppets, and i know what ur thinking: the name is freakn genius. and it is…freakn genius). dudes, if ur reading this, The Death Of Sarge is fucking AMAZING. u guys continuously exceed my expectations. support indy. download this. it’s shmick.  IT’S FREE. what more u want.

01. the ballad of cj memphis (3:23)
02. matter of time (feat. thaione davis) (3:50)
03. possible (feat. malakh el) (3:20)
04. bounce (4:25)
05. comin’ on strong (feat. rellevent & jerry banilow) (3:50)
06. the death of sarge (5:01)

(via bandcamp)

“at my worst? i’m a heathen. at my best? i’m a scholar”, –DVS.


presenting…Mista Vee (of The UnFunkWitables)

if ur not up on The UnFunkWitables just yet, we (my older brother BASSCLEF and myself, Mista Vee) are a duo who worship at the altar of the unsung heroes of funk, soul and r&b from the illustrious period in history known simply as: THE 80s! 🙂 sofar we’ve produced two scorching hot mixes of the finest, phattest jams to be found anywhere on the PLANET. and to further our funk cause we are also venturing into solo dolo territory. right now we want you to meet Mista Vee, he (well, ME) has got his own Facebook page for the purposes of posting up random obscure 80s funk joints via YouTube, and also for whenever he has enough time to create some original work (of the same synthfunkin’ ilk). click here to ‘like’ him today! 😀


Dilla Month: Stray Phrases perform “Donuts” @ The Tea Lounge, Brooklyn (03/02/2011)

okay, i realise technically Dilla Month is over at the end of Feb, and in the southern hemisphere it is already the 1st of March, but since i got a late start in the celebrations & whatnot i’m extending Dilla Month probably for another 2 or 3 weeks, just cos there’s still a few cool Dilla-related items i would like to share (chief among them a mix by yours truly that highlights nothing but Dilla beats and instrumentals, including some obscure shit). what is TIME, anyway? a man-made concept that i choose to bend to my wants and needs as a lover of music and all things J Dilla…is what it case u thought that was a rhetorical question (was it…? ok i’ll stop now). a little while back i posted up a live performance of jazz trio Stray Phrases very expertly covering and re-interpreting Dilla’s Donuts album from back to front (originally posted by Metal Lungies). since then the performance seems to have taken on a life of its own (at least among the ever-growing circle of Dilla heads), for they re-appeared on Feb 3rd to again pay tribute by playing the album in their own jazz/fusion style. this time the recording comes courtesy of live music recording stalwarts All The Way Live, and i’m told the quality of the recording this time around is way superior to the 1st.


Stray Phrases are Storm Siegel (drums), Dave Mainella (piano) & Evan Crane (bass).

[original blog post + link here].